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Our LETS group begins its life as an affiliated branch of LETSlink UK. The Isle of Wight Regional Community Council has pledged support and is working in partnership with LETSlink UK to help launch the scheme. We will be using LETSlink's recommended Constitution and Members Agreement. These documents are amenable to change in consulation with all other branches, so please let us know of any drafting errors, inconsistencies, and/or suggestions to make them even better than they are.

In theoretical terms, LETS is a form of Complementary Currency, ie it complements the mainstream currency. As well as promoting a green agenda, this is to do with community networking, mutual support and alleviating poverty, and as such is a valid contribution to the international movement for monetary reform. The LETSlink UK site provides more ideas of what LETS is all about. If you would like to explore the wide range literature on the topic of "new economics", here is a Booklist, which we will try to keep up to date. Anything you know about which should be included please let us have it!

If you wish to join and have not already done so, please complete our Application Form.

Once you have joined, please put up at least one Offer and Want. You can also update your own Profile and add a photo. We aim to give all new members an introduction to get you started, but you can discover most of the functions by exploring the menus. More detailed instructions can be found on Useful Pages.